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If you add a Ledbury Shopping badge to your website, contact me by email and I will place a return link to your website on the Ledbury Shopping website.


Copy and paste the code shown below a badge and add it to your web page to link to Ledbury Shopping:

'Browse' badge (550px / 50px)

Browse Ledbury Shopping badge

'Ledbury Shopping' badge (430px / 75px)

Ledbury Shopping badge

'Everything you need' badge (430px / 75px)

Everything you need from Ledury Shopping badge

'Ledbury Shopping' small badge (200px / 140px)

Ledbury Shopping small badge

'Everything you need' small badge 1 (200px / 140px)

Everything you need from Ledbury Shopping small badge 1

'Everything you need' small badge 2 (200px / 100px)

Everything you need from Ledbury Shopping small badge 2

Why link to Ledbury Shopping?

Ledbury Shopping provides the most comprehensive and current listing of Ledbury's town centre shops available on the Internet, completely free.

By linking to Ledbury Shopping and recieving a return link, both sites can benefit from improved search rankings, visitor counts and visitor experience.